Sports & Health

As our name Talent Enabler means we are working in various field to develop the talent and sports is one of the major concern since sport is not limited to the specific areas of life, it blesses a person with lifelong achievement. It is found that children and youth who partici­pate in the challenging sports contests also love the classroom challenges and can function in the competitive society. Regular participation in the sports teaches children to play the game of life. Sports-persons become very disciplined and confident in their whole life and never become hopeless from the hard life struggles. They easily develop morals, necessary skills and art of living.

Art and Culture

Talent search in India Enablers Badhte kadam has worked tirelessly since its Inception for the promotion and preservation of Indian culture.

Its our duty to value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture. The art and culture of our nation are a vast continuum, evolving incessantly since time immemorial. Naturally, preservation and conservation of India’s rich cultural heritage and promotion of all forms of art and culture, both tangible and intangible, including folk and tribal arts, literature and handicrafts, performing art of music-dance-drama and visual arts of paintings-sculpture-graphics is essential and assumes a lot of importance.

Thus, in a broader sense, cultural activities address issues pertaining to national identity in conjunction with various sectors such as education, tourism, textiles, external relations etc with greater emphasis on the thread of continuity which has resulted in the binding of dissimilarities into a synergistic whole